Sunday, November 27, 2011

Felicia Follum WOW Update

Image from Make it Plain, my most recent body of work
Although I do not update this blog regularly (and it was created for a class), I would like to conclude with some of what I am currently doing for WOW (a project of WWBC). For more recent updates see my art blog or Facebook page. I am no longer the graphic designer for WOW, though I still do some design work when asked.

My main projects currently include creating, building, and expanding WOW’s online presence through social media, specifically the blog and Facebook. I am always researching new social media sites as well. In addition to managing the social media, I am excited to say that I have given a couple of Facebook lessons, on how to use Facebook as a marketing tool, for artists and would love to continue this.

Another major project that I am currently working on revolves around the gallery and exhibitions. I have been hanging shows, and even coordinating a couple. I hung the Fabulous Women show (I did have some help, especially with the larger pieces) and set up the Black Friday one day show.

There are other tasks and duties that I perform, but these are a couple of my favorite. I love being surrounded by artists and artwork and I look forward to see where my experience with WOW as an intern will help take me in my art career.
Image from the Black Friday sale marketing campaign for WOW on Facebook

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